Green protein shakes for weight loss

Proteins can be very useful in your weight regime if you want to lose weight without sacrificing your health and active energy which is essential for your regular day to day activities. Our body has a natural mechanism through which it can synthesize carbohydrates from proteins when we are on a low carbohydrate diet. And […]

Can Coffee Help In Losing Weight

With the obsession over drinking coffee in America, it’s nearly impossible for many people to give it up in the daily routine. Many of us own coffee machines such as those available at But did you know that your intake of coffee and your health have a connection? Unfortunately, that connection isn’t always a good one. […]

What Is An ‘Apple’ Body Type And How To Achieve It

Every body has its own shape and “apple” body type is one of it. “What is an ‘apple’ body type and how to achieve it”? Is there anyone, who knows? If No, then let me tell you it’s about the weight more than an average shape. Apple body shape means the round shape at the […]