Lose Belly Fat With Ab Exercises

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Having a flat stomach to show off in that bikini is always a dream for everyone especially women. However getting a flat stomach doesn’t come easy and one needs to push themselves to achieve it. This article will focus on how to lose belly fat with ab exercises which include: crunches,planks,leg bridge and leg raises. Find below the five most effective ab exercises that will make you get your sexy back in no time and for more info visit NaturallyTica.

1. Side Plank

This exercise involves supporting the whole of your weight on two contact points instead of the usual four and therefore one needs to really work the core to stay stable.This exercise is good for core conditioning especially for those people with irritation in their lower back because it is not as complicated as other exercises.

2. Crunches

This is one of the most common exercise for.When starting off,you can do two or three sets with ten repetitions and make sure you rest in-between the sets. It is done by lying on the floor with hands behind the head and legs straightened.Raise your head just a little for your head to get off the floor then slowly start raising your head off the floor.Stay there for about three to four seconds then go back to the original position.

3. Hanging Knee Raise

This is another common exercise for burning fat around the stomach area but unfortunately it has to be done at the gym or in the house if you can access a chin up bar.Here your hands will hold the grip bar as your body hangs freely. Slowly raise your knees to the chest while keeping them together.Stay in that position for a second then slowly bring back the legs to the ground.This is the most effective ab workout since both the lower,upper and back muscles are simultaneously worked.

4. Spider man Plank

This is done by bringing the right knee close enough to the right elbow then do the same to the left side for around 30 seconds.You can make it more challenging by trying to bring the knee to the other opposite direction.

5. Single Leg Bridge

This ab exercise involves balancing your entire body on one leg while you raise and lower it which can be a bit tricky for a lot of people.Lie on your back with arms side by side then with your right leg heel planted on the floor,raise the left leg towards the ceiling.Lift your hips off the ground until the spine is straight as you press through the right heel.Keep doing that twelve times then lower your hips gently back to the starting position.

In conclusion,it is no secret that we all want to have that toned flat stomach and after reading this article you are going to take action and start your journey to lose belly fat with ab exercises. You should however note that ab exercises are just part of what you need to do to lose belly fat.A healthy meal and other cardio exercises are also to be considered.

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