Reviewing The Advocare ’24 Days To Skinny’ Weight Loss Program

24 days to skinny
This is a program that teaches any body who needs weight loss, energy control or a nice-looking body composition or better still overall body fitness. There are stages for this body fitness and very many people worldwide have benefitted from it and this is your chance to benefit from it as well.

First Phase:

The first stage in the program is called “Cleansing Phase”. Here you have to use the good nutrients like vitamins, fat, proteins and carbohydrates with other minerals which are needed to keep the body healthy. The overall number of days taken to gain this fitness has been calculated by professionals to be 24. The first ten days will see that you have taken three types of the essential products.

The three products are there to help you push out the unnecessary waste and to give your body a start in nutrients absorption and this is a start in your better health.

The first product to be used is called “Herbal Cleanse”. This product is purposely used for getting rid of the waste so that the body is ready for other body building nutrients. In the kit for the “Cleanse Phase”, you find “Pro Biotic Restore” capsules, “Herbal Cleanse” tablets and “Advo Care” fiber. These are supposed to be used within the ten days.

The second product is called “”Omega Plex”. This is a quality part of omega 3 fatty acids for total fitness. It is a necessary product to give fitness to the organs like the heart, skin, muscle, nerve, bone and immune system.

You can get Omega 3 fatty acids by eating other things that contain this acids which might take you time to get so why not go for a ready “Omega Plex” which is already quantified and parked and ready for your consumption.

The third product is called “Advo Care Spark”. This is yet another invaluable product that you cannot let go, this is a useful nutrient for energy control. It has up to 20 vitamins and it is sugar free. The energy you acquire cannot over bother you. When you have fully used these three products then you are ready for the next stage after the ten days.

Max Phase

The next stage is called ”Max Phase” which falls between day 11 and day 24. The Max Phase as the name indicates is to give your body the maximum expected health outcome. In this stage you will take again 3 different products that work together to give you the maximum results and thereafter you continue using all the products as a daily routine in your lifetime.

The first product in this stage is called “Metabolic Nutrition System” (MNS). There are three metabolic nutrition systems from which you can have a choice. You can contact AdvoCare in case you are not sure which is which. In fact, if you’d like to become a partner and grow with them, check out the various Advocare distributor levels. AdvoCare has given the first choice as MNS3 which gives you a basic control over appetite and energy. Appetite control = MNSC+ and Energy control = MNSE+. All the three products contain Coreplex, Omegaplex , Probiotic Restore and Thermogenic components.

The second product is called “Meal Replacement Shake”. This one is tottaly needed for weight management. It is in form of solution and each dose has 22-24 gms of protein, 24gms of carbohydrates 5-6gms of fiber, 26 vitamins and minerals and calcium for daily use and they are highly flavoured .

The third is called “Advo Care Spark” which summarises the stage of Max Phase 24 Days.

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