What Is An ‘Apple’ Body Type And How To Achieve It

apple body type

Every body has its own shape and “apple” body type is one of it. “What is an ‘apple’ body type and how to achieve it”? Is there anyone, who knows? If No, then let me tell you it’s about the weight more than an average shape. Apple body shape means the round shape at the center of the body or you can say a part of body from shoulder to hip is in round shape with an extra fat that is called an apple body type.

There is an only reason to an apple body and that is too much fat and it’s only because of oily junk foods and drinks that you carry in those large dry bags back from the store. In this apple shape, your shoulder would be rounded and large in size as compare to your hip part. Your tummy will be fully round and fluffy like a bag that looks too horrible especially for the girls who are really possessive about their body shape and health.

Each and every girl has their own choice about their body structure and it varies accordingly. Some want to be slim while some want to pear, apple or bottle shaped body. So there diets plans are vary accordingly.

There could be any reason for an Apple shape, it could be because of hormones and genes or because of ager factor that might not be controllable, but through a proper diet plan and regular exercise, and we can control it. It can be reduce by burning an extra fats and calories and cardio is best to start.

How to Get an Apple Shape

There are a lot of solutions to get an apple body type and that is all about the diet and exercise. You should have proper diet and indulge more fruits and vegetables instead of fatty ones like burger, pizza etc. Apple shape means the fat only at middle part with the slim lower part.

Some of important points that you can follow are:

1. Eat low-glycemic foods that will help you to balance your weight without an additional fats and calories. Best diet for apple shape includes yogurt, milk, brown rice, beans etc.
2. Add the fiber foods in your diet that will keep your stomach full for long time so you don’t feel hungry at all.
3. Start cardio exercises and walk more as you can.
4. Take liquid diet and drink maximum water to hydrate your body.
5. Add daily workouts as it will help to increase the rate of metabolism and will help to burn the calories.
6. Always do include the healthy and oil free diet in your regular routine.
7. Avoid soft drinks.

Dress yourself with an apple shape

1. Don’t go for skin tight products as it will look bad on your heavy area.
2. Avoid Sleeveless clothes due to your arms.
3. Try to add loose and long clothes as it will look good and you will feel comfortable too.
4. Avoid putting on belts.

It’s easy now to get shop for the clothes of each size, so go and choose the best one for you that really suits you and you should be comfortable on that as well.
So whether you have the apple type body or you want to be, just take care of your diet and dress that you will wear.

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